Sign members into the register

My Fitness Class stores all of your registers electronically in your online account, there is no need to export or print anything. Registers are designed to be taken on a mobile device (compatible with phones and tablets), using the free iOS or Android app. Simply take your device to class with you and as people arrive they can sign in directly on the device.

Dont worry if you work in an area with no/poor internet coverage, the reigster works without a connection to the internet. To sychronise the register data back to your account, simply open up the app when it's next connected to the internet, and everything will sync automatically.

Before using the register system you need to create a class and add members to your account.

  • To get started, open up the My Fitness Class app and select a class from the list on the homepage
  • You will then be in the class dashboard. From here you can view the regsiters, members, bookings, and details for this specific class. Click on 'Registers'
  • If you have followed the steps in Setup online booking system then you should see a list of future registers for this class. If not you will be presented with an empty list
  • Clicking on the '+' button in the top right will create a new register for you to use immediately. Click on the newly created register to start signing members in.
  • You are now in the register view. At the top you can see some key pieces of information relating to the current register such as attendance totals, revenue, and booking totals. If you made the register in error, then you can remove it by clicking 'Delete Register'. This option will only be available if there are no members signed into the register.
  • Click 'Sign in Member' to add someone to the register. This proceeds to show you all of your members. If you need to add a new member you can do so here by clicking on '+' button in top right corner, otherwise tap on the name of the member to go to sign in screen.
  • At the top of the screen is the class disclaimer form. The member signs the screen to confirm they agree to the disclaimer form. 
  • If the user is paying on arrival simply click 'Sign In' and they are now signed into the register. This will then take you back to the register overview ready to sign the next person in...

When members are signed in this way the app records that they have paid the 'Class Cost'. This is the amount entered when the class was created.

  • If you have enabled and created class passes, then the user can purchase one now buy clicking on 'Buy Class Pass' which will display a popup showing available passes to purchase.
  • Once selected it will add the pass to the members account, ready for them to use. Now simply click the corresponding 'Sign in' button. The choices are to use a class pass, pay the class cost amount, or give them a free complimentary class
  • This member will now be registered, their class pass added to their account with the correct number of uses remaining calculated, and the register details updated accordingly.
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