How to create a Class Pass

Class passes are used to enable participants the option of buying upfront for a number of classes in one go, usually at a discounted rate, compared to the 'Pay as You Go' option (or Class Cost as labelled in class settings).

  • To create a new class pass navigate to Settings -> Class Passes, and make sure enable class passes is turned on.
  • Click on 'Add Class Pass' to create a new class for use in your classes
  • You will then be presented with the relevant fields to complete.

  • Pass name - the name that this pass will be known by. If you have enabled booking this is the name that will be shown the participant when they buy online.
  • Purchase price - this is the cost for purchasing the class pass.
  • No. class uses - this is the number of times the pass can be used.
  • No. days valid - this is optional, and should be the number of days from purchase that the pass is valid for.
  • Save & Close the popup and the new class pass should now appear in the list.
  • Created class passes can be edited or deleted entirely using the pencil or trash icon.
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