Understanding the dashboard

The dashboard gives you access to key pieces of information relating to all of your classes over a chosen period of time. By default this date period is the last 30 days.

Changing the date period

To view different metrics for a different date range, simply set the start and end date of the period you wish to view.

Key metrics for the period

  • Classes taught - the total number of registrations taken across all classes within the date range specified.
  • Avg. class revenue - Total number of classes taught / total revenue for the period.
  • Total revenue - The total amount of money collected for each register across all classes with the date range specified
  • Avg. class attendance - The total number of members registered across all classes / the total number of classes taught for the date range.
  • Top attendees - Shows top attendees across all classes for the date range, with the count of classes attended in the date range.

Member attendance section

This section shows the most recently taken registers. Clicking on a row will expand and show you a brief summary of who attended and revenue taken.

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