Adding members to my account

In this short tutorial we will show you how to add members to your account manually using the dashboard and importing batches in bulk.

Create new member in dashboard

Head over to the dashboard and go to the 'Members' area and click on '+ New Member'

Once the page opens up you'll be presented with the member form where you can fill in all the member details you have available. Once you save the member record it will become available for you to sign into a register.

Import members in bulk

If you already have member data from existing records, or exported from another system, you can upload them to your account using the member importer.

It's important to make sure you download the import template file first to ensure you have the correct headers present. The importer only accepts .CSV file types.

  • Download the supplied import file template
  • Open up the file in a spreadsheet application to see the columns that can be filled in. Using the spreadsheet application fill in the rows of member data corresponding to the relevant headers
  • Once all the data has been entered save the file in .CSV format, and it's ready to be uploaded. Upload the file using the 'Choose file' button as shown above and the members will be added straight into your account.

Please be aware that each import of file data will create new accounts each time, meaning uploading of the same file multiple times will result in duplicate member accounts.

All of the imported members are now available for use in class registrations etc.

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