Setup online booking system

My fitness class provides support for participants to book onto classes in advance. The booking system allows participants to pay online immediately, pay later (eg. When they arrive) or to use one of their valid class pass uses. Before booking becomes active and available for participants to use, the instructor will need to complete the setup process in their account. The purpose of this guide is to show you how this is done.

Setup General Booking Settings

  • Go to Settings -> Bookings and enable bookings using the toggle at the top of the screen.
  • Next you will want to create your unique page url. This will create a unique URL on My Fitness Class in order for your participants to book onto your classes.
If you want to allow participants the option of paying online then you will need to connect your Stripe account with My Fitness Class.
  • You can determine which pieces of information are mandatory for the participant to fill in prior to booking onto the class. You can set these here by ticking the appropriate boxes.
  • To keep the applied settings click 'Save'

Setup Class Specific Settings

  • You will need to set some class specific pieces of information, to do this go to Classes and select a class. Under Booking Options -> toggle ‘Allow Bookings’ to on position and set any class pass and payment options for this class
  • Also it is work ensuring you have entered a Class Cost and Max Class size, as these will be used to determine the max amount of bookings, and the cost for paying online. We would also recommend setting the class location at this point as this will be displayed to the participants when they book on a map, to help them find the class.

Setup Class Date & Times Schedule

  • Enter the dates and times the class runs on. Whilst still in the Class view, click on the ‘Date & Times’ tab. Enter the start date of the class (this is the next date the class will run), choose the repeat schedule option and if necessary the days and start time of class. Finally if the class repeats its schedule, select how long to repeat for.
  • Clicking 'Save schedule' will save the schedule settings and generate the individual class registers for each date and time. All these dates will appear in the list below.
  • You can add multiple schedules if your class runs  different days/times, using the ‘Add another schedule’ button.
  • If there are specific one of dates where the class will not run, or will run at a different time, these can be adjusted further down the page under ‘All scheduling Dates’ using the clock or ‘X’ corresponding to the required date

Everything is now setup and ready for participants to book onto your classes. 

The ‘Activity’ screen shows the 5 most recent bookings allowing you to click through to view the full booking details.

There is now a handy ‘Upcoming Class’ view on the homepage of the app, showing you the date of your next class, and the number of participants booked onto that class. Clicking on that takes you straight to the register screen for the corresponding class ready for signing members in.

The register view in the app shows all of the bookings for that register at the top of the list. Clicking on a booking takes you straight to the sign in page for the participant

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